About Us

A Glimpse of American Furniture History

We started out with just one Branch in 1992, today with more than six  branches .

All our products are manufactured in our factories. With the capacity that allows us to comply with any order size to anywhere in the world. 

PROFESSIONAL PLANNING.INTERIOR DESIGN.We have our own professional designing team to provide you with unique and organic designs. 


We design and manufacture all our products in our factories from top quality wood and fabrics.

we reached thousands of homes to deliver our promise of quality and beauty. We can safely say that American Furniture kept up with times and trends that allows for the most interesting designs and innovation to be transformed into furniture ready to enter people’s homes and find their place, creating unique spaces that speak volumes about their occupants. With the balance between comfort and durability we also give you reason and emotion. A mixture of contemporary design and flexibility. This is how we stand out with our products with the perfection of blends, top quality wood, A class
fabric and the variety of options to furnish your entire home.


Our Interior Design service brings creativity and functionality together to craft spaces that reflect your unique style. From conceptualization to realization, we create exceptional interior experiences tailored to the essence of your furniture collection.



Our Furniture Restoration service revives the beauty of timeless pieces, seamlessly blending craftsmanship and care to breathe new life into your cherished furniture. We specialize in restoring both aesthetic allure and structural integrity, ensuring your furniture remains a treasured legacy for generations.